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OpenID continues to grow

13 February 2008

I’m still fumbling around with the Hibernate persistence for the Approval Service, so I was afraid that I wouldn’t have anything to post again today, but then I saw this on the TrustBearer Team Blog this morning:

“In an effort to improve user security and convenience with online applications, TrustBearer Labs has released a secure OpenID service combined with its TrustBearer Access software that eliminates the risk of using multiple passwords across multiple sites while providing a central and secure way for users to login. The system leverages authentication devices such as smart cards, usb tokens, and fingerprint biometrics to provide advanced security and convenience.”

Basically, it’s an OpenID that has been authenticated by TrustBearer Labs using an additional authentication device as an extra layer of security. You can check it out at http://openid.trustbearer.com.

Between that and last week’s announcement that Google, IBM, Microsoft, VeriSign, and Yahoo! have all joined the OpenID Foundation board, you have to assume that OpenID is an idea that isn’t going to be going away any time soon. Plus, it’s just cool technology that works!

(… and besides that, you can use your blog as your OpenID!)


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