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The Approval Service: DB to POJOs via Hibernate

11 February 2008

OK, I have to admit that this step of the process is a little more involved and taking me a little longer than I had anticipated, so I do not have any completed artifacts to post right at the moment, but …

Here’s the plan: Setup tables on MySQL for the RequestForApproval and related beans, then set up a RequestForApprovalManager class that will use Hibernate to handle the action between the POJOs and the database and back again. Then configure the existing servlet to use the manager to obtain the data.

So far, I have downloaded and installed MySQL, created the database, created the tables in the database, downloaded and installed Hibernate, created the Hibernate mapping files (*.hbm.xml files), and created the beginnings of the RequestForApprovalManager class, but I’m still a ways out from being able to actually run my first tests.

Maybe tomorrow …


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