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DAO Refactoring: Package clean-up

11 April 2009

So far in our efforts to refactor the Approval System’s data access strategy, we have created four new packages:

We can now delete the original RequestForApprovalManager in the old org.restafarian.approval.data package, and we could even delete the package itself, were it not for the presence of another remaining class, the RestServiceManager. That one, we have no intention of replacing, but as long as we’re cleaning things up, I think at this point I’ll go ahead and rename that package now to org.restafarian.approvalservice.impl, just to bring it in line with the convention used on similar packages in other projects.

That takes care of the Java components in the approval project, but we still have some changes to make to the Java servlets in the approval-web project as a result of these recent modifications before things will work with new approach. Before we do that, though, we need to create some unit tests back in the approval project to complete that entire aspect of the process. Yes, I know, you’re supposed to do the tests first, but it’s better late than never. We’ll jump on that next!


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