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30 July 2010

Seriously? Do things really have to be this complex? It’s not as if getting into the Swing of things is an easy task in and of itself, but then you have to learn to wrap. And then once you get through that, you have to learn to pack. And not just pack, but pack for multiple destinations. It’s enough to make a person want to swear off even thinking about working on a client-side application ever again.

Meanwhile, back on the web, the rule seems to be that once you get familiar with all of the parts and get really, really good at something, that something suddenly becomes a thing that we just don’t do anymore. Really getting the hang of those *.xbm.xml files? That’s nice, but that’s a useless skill now that we’ve moved on to annotations. Developing a special knack with those *.betwixt files? Oh, well … there will never be a need for that again now that we’ve all moved on to JAXB. Finally getting really comfortable with all of the nuances of Hibernate? Never mind — we’re all moving over to EJB3; we don’t even need Hibernate any more. Getting to know Spring like the back of your hand? Who needs that now that we have container-managed dependency injection? And those RESTful Java servlets that you can just crank out in your sleep now that you’ve been doing it for a while? That’s just useless knowledge that you will never need again now that we can do everything and more with Jersey resources.

Experience is just another word for Old School … forget whatever you learned yesterday — today is a whole new world!

At least it seems that way much of the time. But then you have to stop and remember that all of this Java stuff is just fluff anyway. Way back before the days of Java, when these little toy personal computers just started coming out and no one had yet heard the word “Internet” spoken aloud, I was let in on a little tidbit of wisdom that has been lost through the ages, and may not even be comprehensible to many of today’s premier web technologists:

“Real programs all begin with the words IDENTIFICATION DIVISION.”


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