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Getting into the Swing of Things

23 July 2010

I guess I have always been a Web programmer, and not a Java programmer. My first “dynamic” web pages were generated on an IBM Mainframe by a COBOL program and then placed on the web server by an FTP step in the JCL. Later on, I discovered the joys of Perl and CGI, and eventually, I found my way to Java (I still can’t get used to the Oracle brand popping up on that link!), once again thanks to IBM and their WebSphere line (and their now ancient history VisualAge for Java IDE).

So, I have been coding Java for a long time, but just that subset of Java that lives within the realm of a web application server. I never really had occasion to build anything like an application with its own GUI that lived on the desktop. For one reason or another, that’s just something that had never come up.

Until now.

It may be the same language, but I have to say, it’s an entirely different world. Labels and Frames; Panels and Panes; Listeners and Layouts; TrayIcons and Popups; Bindings and Actions; GridBagLayouts, SplitPanes, Buttons, and Borders.

Timers and Workers and Threads … Oh, My!

We are definitely not in Kansas anymore, Toto!


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