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Two EJB jars; One persistence.xml

16 October 2010

One of the main reasons that I wanted to figure out how to put the persistence.xml file outside of my EJB jar file, aside from my desire to externalize the datasource reference, was because I wanted to share the persistence.xml across multiple EJB jars. One of the EJB jars contained a collection of shared components […]

EJB Datasource Outside of the EJB Jar File

8 October 2010

Maybe I’m just getting old and slow, but I don’t remember having this much trouble finding out how to do something for quite some time. It seemed like such a normal, every-day requirement: build an EJB .jar file in such a way that I could configure the datasource reference externally, which would allow me to […]

Getting into the Swing of Things

23 July 2010

I guess I have always been a Web programmer, and not a Java programmer. My first “dynamic” web pages were generated on an IBM Mainframe by a COBOL program and then placed on the web server by an FTP step in the JCL. Later on, I discovered the joys of Perl and CGI, and eventually, […]

Adding an Icon to Your Bookmarklet

16 July 2010

The other day I needed to create a bookmarklet, which was an interesting exercise in and of itself, but once I got all of those issues worked out, I wanted to make it pretty by adding an icon. Apparently, this is not something easily accomplished, and there is little information out there that I could […]

It’s Joda Time!

15 July 2010

For the longest time now I have been WWWAAAYYY too busy to even think about doing any blogging, but hopefully that is all starting to change now. Things are starting to settle down a little, and I should have a wee bit more time. Speaking of time (nice segue, no?), I have been having fun […]

Spring 3.0.0 and Maven

17 December 2009

First of all, it’s always best to read the instructions. Second, if you were successfully using the last Spring 3 release candidate in your Maven project, you cannot simply pull up the pom.xml in an editor and change all “.RC3″ to “”. Actually, to be completely accurate, you can do that — you’ll just get […]

It’s official: Spring 3.0.0 is now final

17 December 2009

No more release candidates; you can now download and start working with the real deal: It’s here just in time for the holidays! Arjen Poutsma has just announced that Spring 3.0.0 is now final and Juergen Hoeller has blogged about the features in the release. Download | Documentation | Javadoc API | Change Log | […]

Spring 3.0.0.RC3 is now available

4 December 2009

I missed this earlier in the week, but Spring 3.0.0.RC3 came out on Tuesday: It’s getting closer. Arjen Poutsma has just announced that Spring 3.0.0.RC3 is now available. This release candidate contains lots of fixes to issues raised by community members. Download | Documentation | Javadoc API | Change Log | JIRA Thank you to […]

Spring 3.0.0.RC2 is now available

13 November 2009

Check it out: Spring 3.0.0.RC2 is (tentatively) scheduled to be released today! Regards, Sam p.s. if you check JIRA now, you’ll notice that there are no more open issues on the RC2 road map. I did a “change all <version>3.0.0.RC1</version> to <version>3.0.0.RC2</version>” in my pom.xml, but that was a little overzealous, since this announcement does […]

Build a RESTful Web service using Jersey and Tomcat

15 October 2009

Unfortunately, I have been WWWAAAYYY too busy to even think about doing any blogging lately, but I have been having a lot of fun trying to figure out how to make this work with Spring 3.0.0RC1: Summary: Representational state transfer (REST) was introduced in early 2000 by Roy Fielding’s doctoral dissertation. However, in the Java™ […]

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