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It’s a brand new project!

23 April 2009

After rebuilding a few of the old project web sites, I started looking a little more closer at some the reports that are generated by Maven and realized that I don’t have any unit tests that cover any of the servlets in the portfolio. The main reason for that, it turns out, is that I […]

DAO Refactoring: Package clean-up

11 April 2009

So far in our efforts to refactor the Approval System’s data access strategy, we have created four new packages: org.restafarian.approval.dao org.restafarian.approval.dao.impl org.restafarian.approval.manager org.restafarian.approval.manager.impl We can now delete the original RequestForApprovalManager in the old package, and we could even delete the package itself, were it not for the presence of another remaining class, the RestServiceManager. […]

DAO Refactoring: Taking on the Approval Service

10 April 2009

Quite some time ago, I took on the process of refactoring all of the DAO components in the Notification Service and the Look-up Table service. I went through a number of variations, all based on the initial inspiration, and eventually settled on a final version for the foundation. I did not, however, go all the […]

Notification Service: A little minor enhancement

1 April 2009

OK, I have to admit that this a little backwards compared to my normal approach to these types of things. Usually, when an idea comes to mind, I get busy and build out all of the parts and try it out, and if it works the way in which I had envisioned, I make it […]

Look-up Tables: LookupTableJsonServlet revisited

17 March 2009

I know that I said that we would work on the client-side modifications to the look-up table definitions edit next, but after looking over the changes that were going to be needed, I came across a little something that will need to be addressed first. One of the features of the Look-up Table service is […]

Look-up Tables: Refactoring the servlets

7 February 2009

Now that we have completed the modifications to the core project and rebuilt (finally!) the project web site, it’s time to move on to the core web project, and make the corresponding changes there to accomodate the new context concept. The first things we’ll need to do is refactor all of the serlvets. To start […]

Look-up Tables revisited

24 January 2009

Once I started thinking about making a stand-alone demo release that you could just download, unzip, and launch, I had this urge to go back and clean up all of the little odds and ends that I had left undone in the name of pushing forward and getting to “done” on specific tasks. The basic […]

Notification Service: To wait or not to wait …

18 November 2008

I’ve been experimenting with different approaches to various issues related to the Notification Service, and one particular issue keeps coming up time and again, and I keep going back and forth as to which is the better approach. When a request comes in to send off x number of notifications, I can either 1) fulfill […]

Notification Service: Overview

29 October 2008

Even though we started out this series on the Notification Service with a little chunk of code, before we get too far down that road, I wanted to step back a little bit and review the basic concept. Although I imagine that this whole process could potentially grow to accomodate many features and functions, right […]

Look-up Tables: Data type look-up table

10 August 2008

I decided to call my look-up table of property types Data Type, because I’m starting to think that it will have broader application than just its current use in the look-up table subsystem. On a number of occasions, I have implemented the concept of data “attributes” that can be customized for specific purposes, and I […]

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