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Look-up Tables: More on property types

9 August 2008

So I have this vision of setting up a table of property types in my little look-up table subsystem, and then using that table to drive all kinds of various and sundry features and functions within the system. Conceptually, it’s a pretty simple idea, but in practice, it’s actually getting to be a little more […]

Look-up Tables: Possible refactoring

27 July 2008

One of the things that I like about the approach used in the developerWorks tutorial that I read the other day is the way in which they set up their URIs. It’s actually closer to what I had laid out originally, but that’s not what I ended up using. Right now, there are four distinct […]

Look-up Tables: Property types

21 July 2008

Take a look at the sample look-up table edit page that I put together and you can see that I set up all of the property fields as open-entry text input fields. If you look a little closer, though, you should notice that at least one of those fields should really be a short pick […]

Look-up Tables: Table edit page

20 July 2008

Now that we have the HTML page to list out the look-up tables, we can begin work on a similar page to edit the details of a single look-up table. In all there will be four separate HTML pages in our maintenance subsystem: Look-up table list Look-up table edit Look-up table entry list Look-up table […]

Look-up Tables: Table maintenance

17 July 2008

Now that we have upgraded the look-up table servlet to include the “get all of them” capability, I’m ready start putting together something like this to maintain the tables and the table entries. For a brief moment, I thought about continuing on with my earlier approach of copying things straight out of Matt Raible‘s AppFuse […]

Look-up Tables: Table design

1 July 2008

To do everything that I want to do with the look-up table service, I’m actually going to need three database tables in total: two for the metadata about the tables, and one for the actual data. The second metadata table will be needed to store information on the optional additional properties that are needed on […]

Next Up: Universal look-up tables

30 June 2008

I know it’s been a long time since I said that I wanted to get back to building things, and then I went right out and started playing with SQL instead, but it’s still better late than never. Today I’m thinking about those little tables of codes and values that we all end up creating […]

More on OpenID integration w/Spring Security

3 June 2008

My first experience with Spring Security was an effort to integrate OpenID authentication into my existing example application. That was done using Spring Security 2.0.1, and apparently not too long after it was released, which I did not realize at the time. Although it all turned out OK, I just wanted OpendID authentication to be […]

It just can’t be done

1 June 2008

From an end-user perspective, it just makes perfect sense: provide a logon screen that gives me the option of signing on using my username and password or using my OpenID. You see it all the time. OpenID is an option to use when logging in to a system or application, but it is not the […]

Something new to play with …

4 May 2008

I just stumbled across ID Selector from JanRain, Inc., the folks responsible for myOpenID. ID Selector is a widget that you add to the existing OpenID login form on your website. You can get more details from the web site’s FAQ. According to the site: It’s all about getting users signed into your website as […]

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